About Me

Storied/Factual+ Personable/Professional+ Creative/Concise

Breakfast cereals ignited my passion to become an advertiser. The spectacle of the boxes, the commercials and the abundance of sugar is still irresistible. I also became obsessed with (comic) books, TV, alternative music and emerging tech by elementary school. In the 8th grade I had my first short fiction published. My imagination, obsession with media and the arts, and fascination with cultural consumption patterns makes for a solid copywriter origin story.

I got my degree in English literature at SUNY Purchase in New York. During the first dot-com dynasty in San Francisco, I worked as a copywriter at agencies that include Wunderman, Cato and Johnson and LPI Advertising. Clients include Sony Vaio and Nestlé Food Services. After I got my MFA in Advertising at Academy of Art University I was a freelancer at Eleven and Draft FCB. Then I joined the creative team at RingCentral and we redefined their brand as they went public. Now they are one of the SF Bay Area’s top performers. 

Recently I worked on the team that established MOI Global in North America. Their roots are in London and their mission is to ‘turn heads in B2B”. Nice. I feel we need to transcend the labels of B2B or B2C and evolve towards H2H marketing. My natural inclination is towards the more creative and evocative. Both my parents worked for General Foods/Kraft, so the food category feels like home. I am passionate about music, entertainment, autos, health, beauty, fashion, decor, retail, CPG, technology, and architecture.

I am highly intuitive, conceptual, musical and also analytical and precise. These are vital elements to blend in the art and science of copywriting and strategy. A genuine voice with emotional intelligence is the most direct route for brands to establish meaningful connections, that produce lasting results. Or maybe I’m eating too much Boo Berry cereal. 

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