Dorky/glamorous. Organic/technological. Indie/classical. Opposites not only attract, they bring out the best in one other. I’ve always been drawn to the space between them–crossing back and forth, blending, and balancing contrasts to create something new. Commercial/art—I felt a strong pull to the medium from my first taste of Monster Cereal, the spectacle of the boxes. My love of story found it’s roots in comic books, television and traditional literature and I began writing short stories and was published in Stone Soup magazine in the 8th grade. It was a story about gay, mutant teens in love–when the X-Men were still a cult delicacy.

I went on to study English literature at SUNY Purchase in New York and studied voice on the side and create music as the one-man-band In The Throes Of. I then followed a group of friends to San Francisco. During the first dot-com dynasty I worked at agencies that include Wunderman, Cato and Johnson and LPI Advertising. My clients ranged from Sony Vaio to Nestlé Food Services. After I got my MFA in Advertising at Academy of Art University I was a freelancer at Eleven Inc. and have never been happier to continue to grow as a copywriter. Meditation/proactivity. Athletic/seated. Funny/employed. Technological/organic. I’m still mixing and uniting the contrasts and determined to have the most action figures littering my space in well organized glory.

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