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Bienvenue, and a fine day to you all. I enjoy pondering and espousing on all matter of affairs in advertising, tech, things-geek, marketing, music, philosophy food, shopping, travel, and culture. Frequent contemplations of the nature of the multiverse also occur. Beware! The term ‘snackable content’ does give me fur balls.

Enterprise Tech Personas Are Human Too

“That looks or sounds very consumer or small business.” — a dreaded phrase to Creative ears. This fearful voice often rings in alarm when copy is conceptual or attempting to relate to the reader in a more personal way. Art Direction suffers similar aspersions when work is too “designy” and metaphorical. An overly cautious approach is not new to the enterprise tech market. Agency folk have a long history of dancing with clients back and forth on the virtues of how to connect with people in…

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